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Here’s an Easy Way to Update an Old Course Without the Source Files

“Help, I need to update my course, but I don’t have the source file. All I have is a link!” This is a common issue. Here’s a solution that may work for you and it’s generally easy to do. In a previous posts, we looked at how to copy text from old Flash courses and […]

How to Improve Your E-Learning Course Design Skills

I’m a big fan of the e-learning challenges posted each week in the e-learning community. Here’s one on game show style templates and another on various drag-and-drop interactions. They offer good examples and creative ideas for building e-learning courses. Compliance training drives a lot of the demand for e-learning content. Unfortunately, most of it is linear, […]

Free Images for Interactive Scenarios

Here are some free images for interactive scenarios. They go with the other free images I shared earlier. I use them for practice files in our e-learning workshops where we learn to build interactive, branched scenarios. They’re perfect for your scenario-based training and free to use. These images are focused on hallways and such and […]

How to Transcribe Text into PowerPoint & E-Learning Courses

I’ve been playing around with ideas to get old Flash course content into a new HTML5 course. There are tens of thousands of old Flash-based e-learning courses where people no longer have the source files. All they have are published versions of the course and need to convert to HTML5. Grabbing the media like images, […]

How to Copy Text from Flash Courses When You Don’t have the Original File

Many of you have to convert old Flash courses to HTML5. All you have is the published course but not the original source files. It’s easy enough to extract the media (like images and video) from the published output. But adding text from the old course isn’t as easy because most Flash courses don’t allow […]