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How to Use a Browser to Preview Responsive Courses

Here’s a simple way to test your published courses when building responsive mobile learning. While each browser is a bit different, most have some sort of emulation features. Preview Your Published Responsive Courses Open the course and right click to access the developer tools (see tutorials below). From there you can access the device emulator […]

The Role of Today’s Trainer

The other day I was at Costco about to buy something. But before I made the purchase, I got online to do some research….right there in the store. I learned enough to make an informed decision. In fact, I was so “informed” that I was able to provide some assistance to another shopper. Despite all of […]

Understanding Today’s Empowered Learners

To quote the famous bumper sticker, “Learning Happens!” I use that quote all the time with the entry-level instructional designers I train. It’s a reminder that people learn regardless of the training plans we put in place. And often they learn despite them. Learning is innate to being human. It’s part of our nature and […]

Build Effective Courses That Put the Learners in Charge

Here’s part two of a recent presentation I did on letting learners drive. It presented foundational ideas on how to build engaging e-learning courses and then focused on tips that help make the courses more learner-centric. In part one, we looked at how to create engaging training. And in this part, we’ll look at how […]

How to Create Engaging E-Learning Courses

Here’s a presentation from a previous workshop on how to create interactive e-learning. For this workshop, I focused on how to create an engaging e-learning experience for the end-user. Here are a few core points from the presentation on how to create engaging e-learning courses. Engaging E-Learning Starts with Not Building a Course That’s probably not […]